«Smart grid analytics utilities» . «Smart grid analytics utilities».

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This book is an ideal resource for mid- to upper-level utility executives who need to understand the business value of smart grid data analytics. It explains critical concepts in a manner that will better position executives to make the right decisions about building their analytics programs.

At the same time, the book provides sufficient technical depth that it is useful for data analytics professionals who need to better understand the nuances of the engineering and business challenges unique to the utilities industry.

Analytics in Smart Grid State Evaluation Based on

Technical roadmaps will be required that lay out the necessary evolution of standards and interoperability of both digital and traditional electricity infrastructure as the energy system continues to evolve.

Grid Modernization and the Smart Grid | Department of Energy

Группа компаний Helyx, реализует комплексные инжиниринговые решения в областях композитного производства, водоподготовки и очистки сточных вод любой сложности.


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Improve Grid Reliability With Predictive Analytics

Ай-Теко входит в Топ-65 крупнейших ИТ-компаний и поставщиков ИТ для операторов связи в Топ-65 крупнейших отечественных системных интеграторов. Ведущий российский интегратор создает НИОКР-центр по разработке новых инструментальных средств, направленных на решение задач банковского и финансового сектора.

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В результате вы получаете невероятные возможности сквозной аналитики, поистине уникальные для российского рынка.

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Electrical Power Distribution Network Modeling & Distribution Network Applications

Managing huge amounts of smart grid data and applying advanced engineering and statistical algorithms to continuously improve grid performance and help utilities become information driven organizations. 

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Ангстрем является ведущим российским разработчиком и производителем продукции микроэлектроники, в том числе, специального применения и телекоммуникационного оборудования.

Periodically (for example, once every minute), the program gathers data about the house such as temperature, humidity, etc. as well as the total power used during that minute. After a certain amount of data has been collected (the "training window," for example 6555 measurements), the program trains a prediction model based on the previous data. Then, using this model, it tries to predict what the power measurement should be based on incoming data. An anomaly is detectd when the actual power usage and the predicted usage differ by some statistically significant margin. The model is then retrained periodically with new data (the "training period").

access to power due to Analytics support 

The rate of investment increase for interconnecting transmission systems slowed significantly in 7569, despite a few key announcements, including a new link between Denmark and the United Kingdom and continued activity in China (a 6 655-km-long Shanbei-Wuhan link with 8 GW of capacity). An executive order in the United States banning foreign-supplied transmission grid devices that could threaten national security clouds the outlook.

Джонсон энд Джонсон американская компания, крупный производитель косметических и санитарно-гигиенических товаров, а также медицинского оборудования.

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Big data management, analytics and visualization to power the smart electric Utility. Advanced Grid Analytics – Making Smart Use of Smart Meter Data - Продолжительность: 2:43...