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Wave Analyser Design file Rules : • First line: Title: Title • Second line : Signature6: Int • Third line : Signature: Int • Then the notes described by letters A to G. • 8 octaves lower (add: l), medium (m=default), and higher (h) • Sharp (s) and flat (f) • Timing: 66th (add x), 8th (add e), quarter is default, half (a), three-quarter (t), whole (w). Music Analyser - JM Froux City University - 7558

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In calculating the diffusing capacity of the lungs for CO (DLCO), only the ratios of the alveolar to inhaled CO and tracer gas are needed. Thus, the analyzers must primarily be able to produce an output for measured exhaled CO and tracer gas that is a linear extrapolation between the inhaled (test gas) concentrations and zero (no CO or tracer gas present in the analyzers).

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99. Bijnen FGC, Reuss J, Harren FJM. Geometrical optimization of a longitudinal resonant photoacoustic cell for sensitive and fast trace gas detection. Rev Sci Instrum. 6996 67: 7969.

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Electromagnetic waves - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. To view this presentation, you'll need to... EIS Spectrum Analyser is a standalone program for analysis and simulation of impedance spectra. The analyser routine is based on algorithms of the PDEIS spectrometer.