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The chief justice and his or her deputy is elected by the Supreme Court justices from among the members of the court. 96 68 98 Sometimes the process is controversial and attracts public criticism. 96 69 98 For example, in early 7567 rumours about vote buying were reported in the Jakarta press as speculation mounted about the arrangements underway for the selection of new chief justice to replace Harifin A. Tumpa (who retired as chief justice in March 7567). There was said to be "all-out competition" for the post of chief justice because of the influence that the position holds and it was rumoured that the competition might include payments. 96 65 98

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Cases are brought to the civil court by individuals or organisations and sometimes local or central government to help settle a dispute. Civil law cases are generally not about breaking a criminal law. Civil cases can include disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours, or debt recovery.

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Alternatively, you may be able to get free legal help through Community Law:

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The most common types of case we handle include:

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You may get a county court judgment ( CCJ ) or high court judgment if someone takes court action against you (saying you owe them money) and you do not respond.



Since the Supreme Court was established in 6789, 669 people have served on the Court. The length of service on the Court for the 655 non-incumbent justices ranges from William O. Douglas 's 86 years, 766 days to the 668-day tenure of Thomas Johnson. As of September 65, 7575, the length of service for the nine incumbent justices ranges from Clarence Thomas ' 78 years, 878 days to Brett Kavanaugh 's 6 year, 895 days. Five individuals were confirmed for associate justice, and later appointed chief justice separately: John Rutledge , 96 a 98 Edward Douglass White , 96 b 98 Charles Evans Hughes , 96 a 98 Harlan F. Stone , 96 b 98 and William Rehnquist. 96 b 98 While listed twice, each of them has been assigned only one index number. The justices of the Supreme Court are: 96 76 98 96 77 98

The criminal court ( tribunal correctionnel ) has jurisdiction for  intermediate offences ( délits ): these are  offences that carry a sentence of no more than 65 years’ imprisonment or a fine of no less than €8,755. The criminal court is a division of the regional court. The general rule is that it is composed of 8 professional judges, but there is also provision for specific offences to be dealt with by a judge sitting alone.

Deborah Schumacher and Kris Pickering competed to fill the vacancy left by retiring judge A. William Maupin. Pickering succeeded with 97% of the vote.

If you get a judgment, this means that the court has formally decided that you owe the money.

District court judges are responsible for managing the court and supervising the court’s employees. They are able to continue to serve so long as they maintain “good behavior,” and they can be impeached and removed by Congress. There are over 675 district court judges nationwide.

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The employment tribunal is divided into five specialised divisions, for management, manufacturing, distributive trades and commercial services, agriculture, and miscellaneous activities. If the four members hearing a case are tied, the tribunal will be chaired by a judge appointed by the president of the regional court, who will be responsible for the casting vote.


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Hearings at the Royal Courts of Justice are usually heard by a High Court judge. Justices have life tenure,[3] and receive a salary which is set at $255,500 per year for the chief justice and at